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With 14 years of experience in engagement, wellbeing, and employer branding projects, Ewa has worked as a coordinator in an internal HR department, HR Business Partner, and consultant, collaborating with both large international organizations and local family businesses. Her experiences include implementing wellbeing and employer branding strategies, qualitative and quantitative research, engagement-building processes, age management actions, internship programs, ambassador programs, and onboarding processes. She is a lecturer at the Leon Koźmiński Academy in the postgraduate studies program "Positive Organization."

She co-founded Well.hr with Joanna and Magda, aiming to create the ideal workplace. Currently residing in Canada, Ewa maximizes the opportunities for combining remote work, raising two children, and exploring a new country and culture.

Ewa Ułamek

Co-founder of Well.hr, Joanna is an expert and strategist in employer branding and wellbeing, with over 20 years of experience in the advisory industry. She has been involved in employer brand building for many years and, along with her partners at Well.hr, is dedicated to creating better workplaces. Joanna conducts research, training, and advisory projects, creates strategies, shares her knowledge at conferences, training sessions, and in publications. Her professional passions include organizational culture, building positive candidate and employee experiences, employer image research, employee engagement building, employer branding, and diversity management.

She collaborates with international corporations and leading Polish companies, representing a full spectrum of industries and types of activities. An experienced business trainer, advocate of the wellbeing at work idea, lecturer at the Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw (postgraduate studies in Positive Organization), co-author of reports and publications on D&I, wellbeing, and social impact.

Joanna Kotzian

With over 8 years in the HR and communication and marketing industry, Magdalena attracts talents to companies, builds engagement and motivates employees while caring for their wellbeing. She gained professional experience working in various industries, from banking to the construction sector, and with companies of different sizes, from startups to corporations employing over 250,000 employees.

In Well.hr, she plays the role of a skeptic – ensuring concrete, effective, and measurable benefits.

In her free time, she runs, reads books, and visits whisky distilleries (not necessarily at the same time).

Magdalena Pancewicz

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